​Andy Kitt: Founder of the Kitt Research Initiative talks about the 911 conspiracies

​                     November 29th 2016

David S. Brody author of  Echoes of Atlantis

​                            May 23rd 2017

​Sam Baltrusis author of 13 Most Haunted

​                       June 27th 2017 .

              ​Ronny LeBlanc and Bill Penning

​Encounters with UFOs, Bigfoot and Orange Orbs.

​                             January 24th 2017

Edge of Reality TV with your hosts Willy Hassell and Lynne Nickerson

Joni Mayhan paranormal investigator and author

​                              April 26th 2017

​Jeremy D'Entremont: Haunted Lighthouses

​                   December 20th 2016

Premiere episode with our guest Paul Eno

​                    October 26th 2016

​Seacoast Saucers of New England

​Mike Stevens, Val Lofaso and Chuck Creteau

​                  March 28th 2017

​Rev. Bety Comerford and Rev. Steve Wilson

​The Empath's Quest: Finding Your Destiny

​                    February 28th 2017